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Complete log of my Spitfire restoration.

Diary of Project


01-08-07: Purchased car and drove home.


08-09-07: TSSC Insurance valuation arrives.


15-11-07: Full service and tune up, sump off and re-sealed.


28-02-08: New water pump, radiator with stat and electric fan fitted.


16-05-08: Carbs re-furbished and fitted with new filters. Old rusty sports exhaust removed and original manifold fitted for ss semi-sports.


02-06-08: Spare rear spring refurbished with new rubber spacers and polybushes.


08-06-08: Front offside suspension stripped and chassis cleaned and locally painted. 


26-08-08: Offside front suspension re-built on bench.


27-08-08: Offside front suspension back on car.


31-08-08: Nearside front suspension removed from car. Many problems here! Anti-roll bar link failed as well as poor joints and trunnion.


02-09-08: Steering rack and anti-roll bar removed - small hole in rack gaiter - more new parts on order!. Parts and chassis area cleaned and prepared for re-fitting.


05-09-08: Anti-roll bar partially re-fitted with new links.


08-09-08: Steering rack refurbished and ready to re-fit.


09-09-08: Rack re-fitted, Nearside suspension parts cleaned and painted.


10-09-08: '98 Black MX5 seats collected - these look the part.


11-09-08: Nearside hub re-built and suspension back on car.


22-09-08: Brake calliper stripped

and cleaned.


24-09-08: Front suspension, steering and brakes complete.


25/26-09-08: Bulkhead cleaned, treated and painted - ok for now.


28-09-08: Passenger seat removed and mx5 seat trial fitted, brackets to make.


02-10-08: MX5 seat runner brackets made and passenger seat fitted.


06-10-08: Passenger floor treated and painted.


07-10-08: Passenger sill structure and rear wheel arch cavity fully waxoyled.


10-10-08: Working on drivers side floor.


15-10-08: Welding at top of drivers footwell above sill.


17-10-08: Drivers floor treated and painted. Sills and rear arch cavities fully waxoyled.


11-01-09: Finally able to get back to the car. Checked over and started OK, makes a lot of noise without the exhaust! Rear, raised, supported and wheels removed to start strip of rear end.


12-01-09: Rear drivers side suspension and drive shaft removed.


13-01-09: Rear spring removed and drivers side wheel arch cleaned and prepared for paint / sealing.


15-01-09: Rear passenger side suspension and drive shaft removed. Wheel arch cleaned and prepared for paint / sealing.


18-01-09: Diff removed, drained, cleaned and painted. Rear wheel arches and rear bulkhead sprayed with metal ready and painted with POR15 rust preventative paint.


19-01-09: Rear arches and bulkhead sprayed with stone chip resistant paint and undersealed (Waxoyl).


22-01-09: Rear underside of boot floor cleaned and sprayed with underseal (waxoyl). Propshaft rear UJ replaced.


25-01-09: Rear suspension assemblies stripped, cleaned and prepared for painting.


27-01-09: One side rear drive shaft and hub re-built and diff fitted.


03-02-09: Rear spring re-fitted with studs and nuts loose.


05-02-09: Drivers side rear drive shaft and hub re-fitted to car.


08-02-09: Passenger side rear drive shaft re-built ready to re-fit.


09-02-09: Passenger side rear drive shaft and hub re-fitted to car. Rear spring tightened to diff.


12-02-09: Drivers side rear brakes re-connected, drive shafts connected to diff, wheel on, suspension loaded and bolts tightened.


15-02-09: Passengers side rear brakes re-connected, wheel on, suspension loaded and bolts tightened. Exhaust fitted.


18-02-09: Seats finally in properly.


24-02-09: Drivers door trim , window seals and glass removed for frame rustproofing.


02-03-09: Drivers door internals cleaned, sprayed with POR15 metal ready, then Dinitrol ML and finally re-built.


17-03-09: Drivers door trim and seals re-fitted.


22-03-09: New fluid in braking system and bled through. Carbs adjusted so car now runs and stops!


31-03-09: New sports front springs fitted.


23-04-09: Failed MOT on emissions, lights (connection fell off!) and insufficient reserve movement on brakes.


28-04-09: Waxstats removed and sloppy linkages / springs sorted on carbs - was running rich at tickover (jets gradually slid down) 


30-04-09: New uprated master cylinder fitted, brakes bled and wow what a difference.


04-05-09: Lights checked and double checked as OK, carbs balanced and  tuned hopefully now ready for re-test.


06-05-09: MOT passed with low emissions, now taxed and bring on the summer!


12-05-09: Wire wheels given new tubes and boots, fitted and tracking done - looks good.


31-05-09: Wire wheel started clicking and one wire broke, now on alloys.


21-06-09: Great day out to Knebworth cars in the park - pictures in 'events'


05-07-09: TSSC Northants meet at Wicksteed park


16-08-09: TSSC International at Stafford


24-08-09: Yellow springs and AAT needles fitted to carbs


25-08-09: Carbs re-balanced and tuned. Car runs well.


01-09-09: SS Boot Rack fitted - excellent supplier.


03-10-09: Baffles fitted to exhaust - test & retune tomorrow.


25-11-09: AAL needles fitted and tuned, so far better performance.


30-12-09: Started work on Burr Walnut dash panels.


06-01-10: Dash panels veneered and trimmed to shape.


31-01-10: Dash panels progressing well with sanding and lacquering.


25-02-10: Started to re-wire and fit new dash panels.


28-02-10: Dash re-fitted. Boot area clean-up started.


01-03-10: Inside boot area sprayed.


02-03-10: Waxoyl applied to inside of rear wings and arches.


07-03-10: Triumph Show at Stoneleigh - won a pride of ownership award.


09-03-10: Car on stands for clutch slave cylinder change and full service.


14-03-10: Ordered carpet set to tidy up interior whilst carpets out and gearbox cover off.


20-03-10: New clutch master cylinder fitted - all OK now.


23-04-10: New carpets fully fitted, seats going back in tomorrow.


25-04-10: National Drive it Day - club run out to TSSC HQ


28-04-10: Fixed erratic Rev Counter, no wipers or washers and intermittent failure of side lights. 4 way connection at rear of dash had started to fall apart and light switch connection was loose.


01-05-10: MOT passed without any advisories!


23-05-10: Prescott Standard Triumph Day was awesome - great to see all the cars in action rather than parked up.


28-05-10: Excellent SS windscreen trim set arrived - found one at last!


06-06-10: Wicksteed Park TSSC Northants area rally - great day out.


20-06-10: Knebworth House - Cars in the park - Fathers day out!


31-07-10: Stanford Hall Firework Champions - fantastic evening with the club.


22-08-10: TSSC International at Stafford


19-09-10: Duxford - All Triumph Day


10-10-10: Dave and Angies Breakfast run - great breakfast and superb well planned run around Bedfordshire


14-11-10: NEC Classic Show


12-12-10: Northants area run to TSSC HQ Christmas Open Day


20-02-11: Northants area run to Stondon Transport Museum


06-03-11: Triumph Show at Stoneleigh


06-03-11: Hard top off


17-04-11: National Drive it day - Waddesdon, Mustang meet (for a change!).


03/04-05-11: Diff rebuilt, now not losing all the oil!


06-05-11: MOT passed with only an adjustment of handbrake req'd.


29-05-11: Standard Triumph Marque Day at Duxford.


05-06-11: Stony Stratford Classic Car Festival


10-07-11: Kimbolton Country Fayre 


17-07-11: TSSC - Wicksteed


21-08-11: TSSC - Stafford


02-10-11: TSSC - Churnet Valley


16-10-11: Donington -  Triumph Show


19-10-11: Electronic Ignition fitted


13-11-11: NEC Classic Show