Electronic Ignition
Decided to go for the Accuspark system. Excellent price and came with very good manual / wiring diagrams.

Tested coil as instructions to confirm 6V and ballasted system. Requires 12V power from switched side of ignition switch.

Points and condenser removed and base plate cleaned.

All parts trial fitted before fixing pick-up unit to base plate with existing screws - heat sink compound spread evenly in interface.

Found original earthing screw was too short so replaced. Earth wire attached and cables tie wrapped together to keep away from rotor then passed through hole in body.

Magnet pickup fitted (tight fit) and new (supplied) rotor added prior to refitting cap.

Black wire extended and fitted to -ve terminal of coil.
TSSC Courier issue 376 had a brief article by Derek Ford that explained the fusebox top left hand side white wire is a 12V switched supply. Do not use the right (fused) side. Fortunately the fuseholder has 2 crimped connections on the back with only 1 in use - result!
Pull out the fuse box carefully and protect against touching exposed rear wiring to bodywork.
I had a spare fusebox so experimented with removing fuseholders and rear cable terminals. A small flat bladed screwdriver pushed down the slot next to the fuseholder will release the blade and crimp terminal at the back.
I was then able to crimp (or solder - you may prefer to join wires by soldering) a new wire to the spare terminal at the top left and then re-insert into fusebox.
This shows my fusebox with additional wire added to feed ignition module - looped back inside car then out through grommet with other cables.
This new cable was connected to the new red cable from the distributor.
Timing light set-up and distributor clamp loosened ready for timing.
Car started first time and only required a minor tweak to timing.