Change of plan, I now have some very smart '98 MX5 seats with headrests in black that will go well with the interior.

Strip, repair, re-trim, carpets and installation of seats

Seats as purchased in perfect condition. Watch this section in later months for the modifications to fit these seats. I can't wait for the extra comfort and support.

The original seats will be stored for future restoration.

Initial sketch of one set of adaptors. Will add link later for full size pdf - email me for now.

Spitfire passenger seat removed to check measurements and fit of seat. Seats just fit on original runners with new brackets to suit fixings in floor.

Underside view of MX5 seat with mounting brackets fitted.

Side view of support brackets fitted to standard seat runners - no mods to the seats at all.

Passenger seat in and adjusted. Soft top fits over OK.

Seat is very comfortable and supportive, slightly higher than I would have liked but doesn't seem to be an issue, and I'm over 6 ft.

Seat adaptor folded ready for drilling.

Seat adaptors fitted - might be best to tack / bond nuts and washers to underside first.

Seats locked in position - tight on width but a good option.