11-03-10: Easier to work from inside and fit pipe fitting to cylinder (loose) before fitting cylinder to housing.



Change of Clutch Slave Cylinder
Had a great day out at Stoneleigh, found a few parts needed for future work, but on drive home clutch operation was getting a bit vague. On inspection all the fluid had gone from the master cylinder, not leaked out from there so topped up and pumped the clutch pedal. On inspection under the car fluid could be seen weeping from near the front of the slave cylinder.

Loosened pipe connection and drained fluid into a tray. Removed clamp / location bolt and extracted the cylinder from underneath, what a mess. Looks rather difficult to re-assemble and bleed the system from underneath so decided to strip interior and give the car a full service whilst the gearbox oil filler is accessible. 

Seal was very soft and had a worn / nicked section. Bore of cylinder looked rough so decided to fit a new unit instead of replacing the seal.

For better access, remove knee pads and tunnel trim.

Remove dash support and stereo.

Remove carpets and all fixings from gearbox cover - don't forget the ones from the engine bay into clips at the top.

Remove gearbox cover and insulation - much better access for this job.

Change the gearbox oil and have a clean up whilst under here.

New cylinder fitted and bled through.

New uprated master cylinder obtained from www.triumph-recycler.com and fitted with existing push rod. Clutch system bled through and now has 'feel' at the pedal and is not operating near the carpet - really good deal and fast delivery from this ebay seller. Although the existing master cylinder had no visable leaks, it must have been bypassing inside as pedal was soft and system just about released the clutch with the pedal fully down.