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Complete log of my Spitfire restoration.

Diary of Project

30-08-04: Car purchased.


01-09-04: Pushed home 1/2 mile.


12-09-04: V5 arrived.


25-10-04: Spitfired launched.


13-11-04: Car in garage at last.


14-11-04: Bonnet off and work begins!


25-11-04: Seats, trim and carpet out - looks bad in places! See bodywork section.


05-02-05: Boot stripped and floor evaluated. 


21-02-05: Windscreen removed and dash partly stripped. 


27-02-05: Doors off and Drivers stripped, frames fitted to gaps for support.


13-04-05: Passenger door stripped and both door skins removed. Templates made for frame repairs.


24-04-05: Seats stripped down to frames.


25-06-05: Gauges stripped down and being refurbished - off white dials going back - I hope.


24-07-05: Seat  frames cleaned and starting to re-paint.


08-01-06: Cutting steel to make door frame repair panels.


04-02-06: Broken joints welded on seat frames.


07-02-06: Wiring labelled and removed from boot and passenger floor. Body to Chassis bolts loosened OK!


08-04-06: Joined TSSC


09-04-06: Steering Column removed, radiator drained and removed - poor condition but no leaks. Manifolds and carbs removed.


28-06-06: Engine & Gearbox removed.


29-06-06: Tub removed from chassis - at last!


16-07-06: Engine, Gearbox and Clutch assy split.


29-07-06: Tub Placed on wheeled support for cutting and welding. Starting with passenger sill.


30-07-06: Engine mounted on rotating support  for strip.


01-08-06: Head removed, cylinder bores look and measure OK. Rotated and sump removed. Broke wrench and finger (ouch) trying to remove crank - pulley nut.


05-08-06: Crank nut heated and removed at last.


06-08-06: Engine completely stripped, one rod bearing scored - crank looks OK. Metrology to be done on all parts.


28-08-06: Engine parts all cleaned and measured. Valves removed from head - all look OK.


02-09-06: Valves being cleaned and lapped. Ordered all new bearings, rings and seals from Moss.


03-09-06: Valves lapped and bores lightly honed.


15-10-06: Head re-built and passenger outer sill nearly off - what a mess inside - need more steel!


Work is keeping me away from the project for now!


21-06-07: Work and house projects about complete for now so back on the car at last!


Passenger outer sill off, middle strengthener cut out and floor edge dressed. Base of A panel templates made for new steel.


22-06-07: New parts made for base of A panel and sill end. Cut away section of A panel to match panel and treated rust areas.


25-07-07: Floor and sill end patch panels made.


03-09-07: Unfortunately Tub scrapped and all parts sold on ebay.