Re-build of the Carbs
Carbs completely stripped and cleaned. Heat shield fabricated from stainless steel. New seals and gaskets fitted - pictures lost - sorry.
Waxstats removed to stop mixture getting weaker when engine bay is hot - having to pull out choke slightly on a long journey.


See www.nireland.com/gd.triumph/waxstats.htm


I required 2 - 1 pence pieces in each to match the height within 0.04 mm.

Carbs tuned using 'carbalancer' and 'colortune' to SU multi-carb tuning guide.


See www.sucarb.co.uk/TechnicalDetail.aspx?id=81  and  



Stainless steel semi-sports exhaust fitted - rear hanger.

Hanger added to pipe just before rear box.

Underside of car showing route of exhaust.

Carb overhaul and adjustment to help cure power and mixture issues at 3200rpm and above. Mixture had to be set rich at idle so would not be too lean at speed. Problems caused by large bore sports exhaust and K&N style filters.

Float assembly removed for gasket swap, float and valve check.

Pin removed to release float - all OK no fuel in float.

Valve assembly being removed from float chamber lid.

Valves needed replacing due to wear an taper that may cause a leak and overfill the float chamber.

Assembly reverse of above - check and match fuel level / float position.

Remove dashpot damper.

Remove dashpot.

Remove piston spring - standard red.

New Yellow spec spring on left to fit.

Remove piston and needle assembly.

Remove side screw then pull out needle, split bush and spring assembly.

Stock needle is ADN in my carbs. Carb lable shows FZX 1122R.

Initial test is to fit AAT needles that are richer at higher revs. Assembly is reverse of above, remember to 3/4 fill dashpot with sae 15 or sae 20 oil. Tuning to follow.


Currently running with AAL needles as AAT were found too rich at idle for correct mixture at higher revs.


AAL with tuning work great except for idle still too rich so trying my last set ABY which should allow me to weaken the mixture off to get the idle correct and hopefully still run well through the range.

For needle comparison chart see: www.mintylamb.co.uk/suneedle/