Rustproofing, sealing and painting

Not the prettiest bulkhead, but free from rust, treated with POR15 metal ready and painted with Hammerite smooth Yellow paint - not a bad match for Inca Yellow.

Bulkhead will need completely stripping and all parts refurbishing another winter, but serviceable for now.

Removed passenger seat and lifted carpet to find a hole in the vertical face at the rear corner. The previous owner had all the sills and door skins done, however the rear corner was plated from the outside leaving a small hole on the inside. Inspection shows structure is all OK so this will be trimmed and have a small plate let in from the inside.

Corner welded, floor cleaned, surface rust removed and treated with POR15 metal ready.

Floor and around inner wheel arch sprayed.

Front section of passenger floor cleaned, surface rust removed and treated with POR15 metal ready. Previous repairs to edge of floor solid.

Passenger floor painted.

Passenger sill structure and rear wheel arch cavity fully waxoyled. Note waxoyl thinned by 10% - 15% with white spirit and can immersed in very hot water for 30 mins before application. Used standard waxoyl refill tin and jumbo gun and extension pipe - worked really well!

Drivers side seat removed and carpet stripped. Floor had two small cracks near rear seat fixings which have now been dressed, welded and ground back. When a previous owner had the sills done a small repair was made to the rear inner corner. This required some additional welding to satisfy me that the structure was good.

Drivers front floor has some surface rust and a repair to the corner which is solid inside and out.

I wish the previous owner had pulled off the side carpet in the drivers footwell and repaired the hole at the front corner when the sills were being done - oh well, fetch the steel, cutters, grinder and MIG a patch panel needs to be let in.

Another small hole above the drivers sill structure, this will be dressed and patched.

Card template made and then transferred to steel. Cut and formed to fit over area to be patched.

Rear section of floor after welding, sanding, cleaning and treating with POR15 metal ready.

Floor cleaned, rust spots sanded and treated, sill structure also sprayed from every access point.

Welding complete, a couple of small holes burned through the bulkhead. These were later filled with weld by welding through onto a copper block clamped to the outside and carefully building up in ever decreasing circles. Welds to be dressed, good clean up then paint.

Welds dressed, sprayed with POR15 then drivers floor cleaned and re-painted. Sills and rear wheel arch cavities fully treated with Waxoyl.

I hope that is all the rust spots for now, I only have the chassis to finish looking at around the diff when the UJ's and bushes are done and a few spots of surface rust to treat on the rear valence - fingers crossed they all look OK from what I can currently see.

Rear arches had loose underseal and surface rust - looks OK structurally, now cleaned to remove all the loose stuff and sprayed with metal-ready ready for paint and re-seal.

Boot stripped, cleaned and surface rust / bare metal areas treated with POR15 metal ready.

Surface rust and loose paint removed from boot lid corner and treated with POR15 metal ready.

Boot area and inside of wings and rear arches sprayed with yellow hammerite.

Waxoyl applied to rear wing and arch cavities - left container in bucket of really hot water before applying with spray gun.